Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Gingerbread House

I almost forgot to share the photos of our Gingerbread House, not to bad for a store kit. The kids look forward to doing this every year...I'm not sure if its the fact that they are building a sweet house or that they get to eat the candy as they go...hmmmm. Anyway here are the boys wishing I would just let them take a bite out of it. And do you notice anything different from the top house and the bottom house?

If you notice part of the tree is missing and several pieces of candy off the front of the house and walkway after I left Bosco our Great Dane unattended in the house for just a few minutes. He is usually pretty good about not eating things he is not suppose to but he just couldn't resist the sweet smell of fresh frosting he decide to have a little snack.

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