Thursday, January 27, 2011

Welcome to the team...

We have so many exciting things going at Dolce Baci!
We have been extremely busy preparing for the release of our Spring collection. It is funny how you start out with an idea and end up with something completely different and much more fabulous in the end. Many of you may already know by the post on Facebook we are adding a women's line...we are so excited and nervous all at the same time! We have had so many requests for women's clothing so we thought now is the time...we will start out small and slowly add to the collection. We are so excited about the new collection and can't wait to share it with for sneak peeks coming soon!

On a different note we are soooo excited to welcome Colleen and Janine to our team!
We are expanding our team and making changes that will only better our company. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and unique apparel that is beautifully made for you and and your little ones to treasure.
No more waiting...who wants to wait for 1-2 weeks for there order to be shipped?? Not me...we will be updating our website at some point this weekend. Everything listed on our website will be in stock and ready to ship! This is wear Colleen comes in...she is a fabulous seamstress who will be helping us create all of our items so they will be ready to ship. We will be updating our inventory weekly as new pieces are created. You can watch for inventory updates on our blog as well as Facebook. This means you place an order...we pull the items, wrap it beautifully and ship it!
Janine, Janine, Janine...she will be assisting us with all the fun office stuff:) She is a quiz at the computer and will be helping us get all our paper stuff in order. She will also help with inventory updates, emails and many other tasks. You will soon notice changes in many things from as little as our packaging to eventually our website! This can all be very time consuming and I would much rather focus my efforts on creating new pieces for you:)
We hope that you enjoy all that is to come and thank you for your love and support!


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Can't wait to see your women's line!!

Dolce Baci said...

We are excited for the new line...we hope you LOVE it!