Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back to School...

Well today is the first day back to school for my little guys! They look so cute all dressed in their school uniforms. Vance is now in third grade and Gannon is now in first. Oh it makes me sad just to think about it. My time with them this summer just flew by. And now they are both in school all day...what is mom to do. I'm sure I'll adjust just fine but my heart is sad today...

To take my mind off things I searched Etsy for some fabulous back to school items! Look how cute this Mod Kitty Backpack is from Eclu.

I love this journal made with vintage flashcards by Found Paper Co.

These sweet little Blue Whale Stickers are great to keep track of your little ones favorite books. They are available for purchase at Boy Girl Party!

Have a blessed day!


MagicMarkingsArt said...

my heart is sad for you - i always hate the last day of summer - and the end of carefree days with my children. but, i must say - your picks are school worthy wonderful.
cheers to a great school year.

Kasey said...

are your kids in year round?
mine used to be and i MISS it!