Monday, August 18, 2008

Off to camp...

Well it will be very quiet around here. My oldest son Vance and my husband Steve are off to Church Camp this morning! So it will be just me and my youngest son Gannon at home this week. Actually Gannon will be gone quite a bit this week too. He has Kindergarten in the morning and then he will at his Mema's house for the afternoon so I can get a lot of work done for our Celebrate Mama event this Saturday! We are so excited to reveal our new Fall Collection for 2008!

Vance has started Flag Football a couple of weeks ago and just loves it! He will be missing his first game because of Camp but there will be plenty more games this year. He is going to have a great time with his friends and bonding with his Dad the Counselor. What great memories for them both. Okay enough of that I miss them already and they just left 10 minutes ago.

I guess I better get to work! I will be posting those sneak peek photos as soon as I get them.
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